Millenium Arch

One of the most exciting things about working with a new cutting tool is that it brings opportunities that don’t often crop up in every day life. Missouri S&T is pleased to have worked with an internationally acclaimed artist Edwina Sandys, to develop a new way for making deep cuts into granite, as a way of creating a sculpture for the campus. This technique has been validated, and is being used for other works. The above artist rendering shows how the sculpture looks. In reality, this sculpture was made out of red granite, shown here. The sculpture itself is known as The Millennium Arch and it forms a fitting compliment to an earlier sculpture, The Missouri S&T Stonehenge, which sits on the other end of the Missouri S&T campus. This technology is being used in carving the larger sculptures which Edwina Sandys is creating, and which will form the Millennium Circles Please do visit The Millenium Arch at 10th Street, facing Castleman Hall, Rolla.

Address: 400 W. 10th Street, Rolla, MO 65401