Edward Clark Museum
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In addition to minerals, rocks, fossils, mammoth tusks and maps, numerous historic items used throughout the long history of the division are now on display for the first time. The museum boasts a computer program that depicts earthquake occurrences in the New Madrid Seismic Zone as well as worldwide. Tools that were used by staff when the division was created more than 150 years ago are on display, along with information about past state geologists. The museum provides a background for division staff to share with both adults and children the importance of our state’s natural resources and highlights the fossils, rocks and minerals that are found in our state. The museum also identifies the role that the division plays in the management and protection of these resources. The museum is named for Edward L. Clark, State Geologist from 1944 to 1955.

Address: 111 Fairgrounds Rd., Rolla, MO 65401
Phone: 573-368-2100
Hours: 8:00-5:00, M-F