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Cherokee Remember the Removal Bike Riders to visit Rolla

The Cherokee Nation’s Remember the Removal bike riders will visit Rolla Public School’s Wyman Elementary at 10:00 a.m. on Thursday, June 15.

Remember the Removal is an annual bicycle ride commemorating the forced removal of the Cherokee Nation from its homelands during the winter of 1838-39. This tour allows Cherokee Nation Citizens (ages 16-24 years of age) the opportunity to travel along the Trail of Tears that their ancestors traveled.

After a brief ceremony, the riders will have lunch with the students showing off their custom bicycles they are riding for the 950-mile ride. They will also educate the students about the purpose behind the Remember the Removal Ride.  The group will then continue 28 miles west to Waynesville where they will disembark at Roubidoux Spring in Laughlin Park. Mayor Luge Hardman will present her annual “Welcome Meet and Greet Ceremony” and invite the cyclists to view the seven interpretative panels that the National Park Service, Trail of Tears National Historic Trail created in partnership with the City of Waynesville that were installed two years ago. 

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